Nanny Says, Attention Customers
 To make your pets grooming experience an enjoyable one, you must follow some basic rules.
    1. Your pet needs to be maintained in between grooming visits.
        a.      Brush and comb out completely twice a week.
        b.     (brushing and combing from the skin out)
Note: The staff will be more than happy to show you the proper brushing and combing method
    2. Please do not bathe your pet between grooming visit The following is a list of     reasons . why:
        a. If the coat is not brushed and combed properly before the bath the
            result will be hardening of the matted areas
        b. This condition is close to impossible to correct without puffing your
            beloved pet through hours of dematting with the possibility of skin
            irritation or injury.
        c.The kindest means of correcting this situation is a short haircut for
            your pet.
    4. Regular grooming visits are important to your pet not only for good appearance but also, because a clean pet is a more happy and healthy pet.
    5. We will be happy to assist you in the choice of the proper tools to use at home and there . proper us


1.      Please call if you are unable to keep your appointment.
    It is important to arrive at the specified time so that the various steps are not rushed or interrupted. We will call you or designate a time for you to pick up your pet. Please be prompt.
     Please walk you (log before bringing him/her to the (grooming appointment.)

  • 4.    Pease do not feed your dog prior to coming.