First Time
My dog is coming to stay at The Country Club for the first time and I was wondering what I should bring to make his stay more comfortable?
First time guest

Dear First Time Guest,
In order to make your dogs stay more comfortable, I recommend that you bring his own food. We feed Purina Pro Plan but, if your dog is not used to Purina, a change in diet could cause him to get diarrhea. I don't have to tell you that this will make him feel bad and he will not enjoy his stay. I also advise everyone to bring a blanket or a towel for their dog to sleep on since our floors are concrete. If you want to bring his bed, that is fine too. Also, bring any toys or treats that he is used to having at home. If he is surrounded by the things that are familiar to him during his stay here, he will be happier. Our goal is to have happy, healthy dogs staying with us.
Thank you for your concern,