Nanny Says,
Your Dogs Condition Is our concern, but here is a guideLine form about what we can do for your pet.
Please be advised
We are not responsible for condition of the animals skin due to lack of care and matting. We use this form to advise our clients that the removal of extremely matted hair may cause trauma to the skin. We also advise the client by this form that they need to seek veterinary attention for many of the skin conditions that may be uncovered during the grooming. We do take all precautions to-make the grooming process as easy on the animals as possible.
It should be noted that the animal can and will scratch at the exposed areas and that they can inflict damage on their own bodies.
We cannot predict what we will find when the hair and mats are removed. We can only tell you that the animal does need to see a veterinarian immediately.
I have read and agree to hold the staff and the management of Professional Kennels harmless for any condition that may result in the grooming of the animal described below.
X__________________________  Date:_____________
Name:_______________________ Staff:_______________
Pets Name:_______________________________
Breed:_______________ Sex:____________
Mats, Fleas, Ticks, Injuries, Other:____________________