Animal Country Club
2759 W. Lamar Alexander Pkwy. Friendsville, TN 37737
865 995-9205
Open Monday thru Saturday 8-5

Day Care Rates by Size of Dog
Your Dog must be CURRENT on All Vaccinations, Proof of vaccinations upon check in.

sm_Malteses.jpg Toy - X-Small Dog 1 to 20 pounds
__$10.50 per Day    Express Check_In

sm_Scottish Terrier Small Dog 21 to 35 pounds
___$15.00 per Day       Express Check_In

sm_Border Collie Medium Dog 36 to 50 pounds
___$17.00 per Day      Express Check_In

sm_Irish Setter Large Dog 51 to 100 pounds
___$18.50 per Day       Express Check_In

sm_St Bernard Mammoth Dog 100+ pounds
___$21.00 per Day      Express Check_In

We offer great habitats for your pet while they are away from home.

We find Your Dog's better on his or her Food so if you bring it with him or her for their stay we will feed them their food that they are used to.

If you would like a bath or grooming for Your pet while it's visiting. Just Let Us Know?
See our
Grooming Page for Prices

Membership Privileges:
Grooming Base Price Locked In for Members
(Condition of Animal still may Make Price Vary)