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Doberman Breading
For Available Dogs, Call, Leslee

The group of Dogs I have right now consists of, Carbon my Stud and four females Elkie, Ashes, Marta & Eva.

This Elkie She is bred right now due this summer. Puppies should be ready to go in June.

This is Ashes Blue female

This Carbon the Stud

This is Marta                                                      This is Ziva

Here are last years pups all sold.

Here are some grown-up dogs sold in there new happy homes.

This female is all grown up

Another female all grown up

This male is in his home Enjoying the Holidays

malegrownup2 I got Started My Family got Pachuko when I was Nine years old. He was not My Family's first Doberman, but He was the first love of my life....
All of my dogs have some Pachuko in them I have been Breeding, Training and have shown for over Thirty years now, All the while with Pachuko in My Heart.

There is always one  Pachuko (picture of 14 year old male doberman 1997 )
pachucko.jpgThat Steals your Heart

The offspring of Pachucko which is my linage

Sire: UBU

UBU Temperament is His greatest attribute. He is a Jewel
28”Tall 90# Male Black and Tan

I have added females to compliment the linage of Pachucko and his offspring.

Dam: Ziare *
Ziare copy
This is Ziare  She is the Dam of Marta an Ziva 

This UBU Sire of MP
This is MP he is the Sire of Indy

This Indy the sire of Carbon

And now I have Carbon my Stud Pachucko's great great great grandson and four breeding dogs with great linage. Elkie, Ashes, Marta & Eva.

For more Information about the AKC info on my dogs please Call Leslee or E-mail

2759 W. Lamar Alexander Pkwy. Friendsville, TN 37737
865 995-9205