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Obedience Class Outline
Instructor: Leslee
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There Are Weekend Classes & Evening Classes
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The Beginners Course
Beginners Course: For Dogs with no previous training.
Length of Course: 6 weeks
Training Period: 1 hour
Purpose: To reach the basic exercises.

Heeling with about-turns (the right-about and left-u)
Sitting and sit-stay
Come-fore and going to heel position
Coming when Called.
Laying down and the down-stay.
Sitting from the down position.
Standing at heel, stand-stay, stand for examination.
Stick Jumping.
Heeling with leash over shoulder.
(Note: All other work done on a Leash)

Beginning And Novice Obedience Level Course

Lesson #1
(dog to be left at Home):
Orientation, Breed intro, Traits, instincts, Recommended Research, Demonstrate obedience routine by trained dog and untrained dog. Explain requirements for rest of classes.

Lesson #2
Heel on leash, start sit, automatic sit introduced.

Lesson #3
Continue with heel on leash, Automatic Sit, introduce Sit/Stay

Lesson #4
Leash work, Work in a crowd, sit stay in company. Begin down stay.

Lesson #5
more advanced leash work and socialization, Sit/Stay with distractions, recall.

lesson #6
Individual work, sit/stay with stranger and handler out of sight.

Notice- all of the above Lessons, dogs should have some basic training before this level of Training. Dogs should have some understanding of (Heel on leash, sit, stay, down.)
If Your Dog does Not have any of the basics please let the Instructor know so some additional preparation can be made.